Criminal Law with Zerbe & Pence PLLC

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Have you or somebody you love been charged with a criminal offense? Our legal team at Zerbe & Pence can help! Being arrested or charged with a crime can be a traumatic experience. Facing potential penalties, which could include fines, jail time, and/or probation, can add stress and worry to your life.

This is why you need an experienced attorney. With our experience in the Charleston, West Virginia area, Zerbe & Pence has the experience it takes to win your case. The team of Zerbe & Pence includes a seasoned trial lawyer who fights hard for our clients in and out of the courtroom. Our firm has confirmed ‘not-guilty’ verdicts in multiple counties throughout West Virginia. In a recent case, we secured a jury verdict of not guilty in a case where a juvenile was charged with double homicide.

Serious criminal charges can range from misdemeanors, such as driving under the influence of alcohol. Both types need effective representation with an attorney who gets results. Call us today for a free initial consultation on your criminal law matter.