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Zerbe & Pence, PLLC, Offers Legal Representation in the Charleston Area

Residents of Charleston, WV, and surrounding areas may sometimes find themselves in need of legal assistance. Whether accused of committing a crime or needing assistance with Social Security, Kanawha Valley residents trust Zerbe & Pence, PLLC. Conveniently located on Capitol Street in Charleston, citizens of West Virginia can find the legal counsel they deserve. Our lawyer, David Pence, takes pride in assisting every client who walks through our door. From DUIs and other traffic violations to domestic battery cases, choose experience with Zerbe & Pence, PLLC. Give us a call today at (304) 345-2728 or contact us online to set up a free consultation.

Legal Services from Criminal Defense to Social Security/Disability

The lawyer at Zerbe & Pence, PLLC has experience to represent clients throughout West Virginia in a wide array of legal circumstances. One of the more common legal services we offer includes Social Security and disability, helping clients obtain Social Security and Supplemental Security Income. In addition to Social Security, we also handle a number of criminal defense matters, particularly DUI cases. Whether clients come to us for traffic violations or shoplifting charges, talk to Zerbe & Pence, PLLC.

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