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How An SSD Lawyer Can Help

SSD Lawyer in West Virginia to Help with Disability Claims

What Can Zerbe & Pence, PLLC in Charleston, WV, Do for Clients?

When you need an SSD lawyer in West Virginia, Kanawha Valley residents can rely on Zerbe & Pence, PLLC. Each year, a large number of those living in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky file Social Security Disability claims. Most do it on their own because they do not understand the difference a qualified lawyer can make when filing a claim.

Residents of West Virginia and surrounding areas have access to the region’s best SSD lawyer, David Pence.

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How Does an SSD Lawyer Help with my Disability Claim?

The first thing an SSD lawyer can do for clients is bring legal expertise to the table when filing a claim. A lawyer will know the nuances of every claim and the proper information to give it a better chance of approval. Another benefit an SSD lawyer brings is the knowledge of whether filing a claim is worth a client’s time.

Most lawyers only collect legal fees if they successfully win a claim or appeal. If there is a high likelihood of a claim or appeal receiving denial, they can provide honest opinions. Finally, SSD lawyers have access to high-quality doctors and legal precedents to better form a case for their clients.

The Difference with Choosing Zerbe & Pence, PLLC for Representation

When selecting an SSD lawyer, there are several reasons why attorney David Pence is the legal expert to choose. Attorney Pence has extensive expertise in Social Security Disability law. He couples this with knowledge of the law in West Virginia, and surrounding areas in Ohio and Kentucky. During his more than 15-year legal career, David Pence has handled a wide variety of SSD claims and appeals for clients.

His success rate distinguishes his work for persons with disabilities to receive just compensation. This allows them to provide for themselves going forward. We proudly offer free consultations and honest dialogue with our clients to ensure every client gets the representation they deserve. Kanawha Valley residents trust Zerbe & Pence, PLLC when they need an SSD lawyer in West Virginia.