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Appealing Denied Claims

SSD Claim Denial Lawyer Serving Charleston, WV

Why Does Social Security Disability Typically Deny Claims?

For an SSD claim denial lawyer serving Charleston, WV and surrounding areas, contact Zerbe & Pence, PLLC today. There are a variety of reasons why Social Security Disability typically denies claims. One of the reasons that few consider is the high volume of claims on a yearly basis.

Millions of individuals make claims for SSD every year, and the Social Security Administration has a limited amount of funds. This is why it is very common for denials to occur the first time. It is especially true when making a claim without the assistance of a qualified SSD lawyer.

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SSD Claim Denial Lawyers Know Disability Law to Reduce Claim Rejection

Another reason why denials consistently occur is the lack of pertinent information on a claim that can make a compelling case. A lawyer familiar with SSD claims can make a difference by knowing the information likely to prevent a denial. One of the final reasons where individuals go wrong is filing claims that do not fall within the law.

Unqualified disability claims can lead to wasting time on filings that almost immediately get rejected. You can help avoid this frustrating scenario by speaking with our lawyer. Schedule a free consultation today to see if an SSD claim is the right path for you.

Zerbe & Pence, PLLC, Assists Clients with Appeals After an SSD Denial

An option West Virginians have after receiving an SSD denial is to appeal the decision. There is no better law office to choose when you need an SSD claim denial lawyer than Zerbe & Pence, PLLC in Charleston. Residents of Huntington, Beckley, and surrounding states trust our lawyer with their appeals and know they will receive hard work and diligent representation.

We work with the best area doctors and develop a winning case whenever our clients have wrongly received SSD denials. Attorney David Pence has over 15 years of experience in assisting clients with SSD appeals. Our law office takes pride in representing persons with disabilities in West Virginia and beyond. Get compensation you need with a call to Zerbe & Pence, PLLC. Set up a free consultation today with our SSD claim denial lawyer serving Charleston, WV.