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Understanding Social Security (SSD)

Social Security Disability (SSD) Claims

Zerbe & Pence, PLLC Explains: What Is Social Security Disability (SSD)?

For help with Social Security Disability (SSD) claims, Kanawha Valley residents can consult with Zerbe & Pence, PLLC. Nearly everyone has heard of Social Security, but many do not realize the functions it serves. One of the main roles of Social Security is to provide disability insurance for those unable to work due to physical or mental issues that prevent them from doing so. Anyone who works in the United States pays a small percentage of their earnings to the Social Security Administration for this and other functions.

Legal Standards to Receiving SSD Compensation

When a West Virginia, Ohio, or Kentucky resident finds themselves disabled to the point that they cannot work, they rely on Social Security Disability (SSD). There are legal standards regarding who can receive SSD compensation. Unfortunately, sometimes issues arise in the process that prevent claimants from receiving their money. Zerbe & Pence, PLLC, can represent these individuals and fight for the compensation they deserve.

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How to Approach a Social Security Disability Denial

When individuals receive a denial from Social Security Disability claim, it is possible to appeal the decision. After receiving denial, the first step is to call the lawyer at Zerbe & Pence, PLLC, and ask whether the case is worth pursuing. Attorney Pence is very open and honest about whether the appeal has merit. In fact, there is only a fee if our client wins their case, to make sure the appeal is advantageous for all parties involved.

Help with Appealing an SSD Claim Denial in Court

If appealing the decision is worth pursuing, we review your medical records and in some cases have an examination with a doctor to build a case. We then have a pre-trial meeting going over some of the questions that the court may ask and then develop a theory for the appeal. We represent clients the entire way through the court system and fight diligently for just results. Give us a call today for more information on appealing a Social Security Disability denial. Zerbe & Pence, PLLC serves clients throughout West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio on Social Security Disability (SSD) claims.