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DUI and DWI Defense Lawyer Serving Drivers in West Virginia

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Zerbe & Pence, PLLC offers a DUI and DWI defense lawyer serving drivers in West Virginia. Receiving a DUI or DWI charge in West Virginia can cause serious ramifications in the future. From hefty fines and loss of driving privileges, to potential jail time, a DUI can lead to job loss, financial issues, and a tarnished reputation.

While some may consider DUI charges as difficult to defend, our experienced lawyer knows where to find the facts in every case. Perhaps the DUI charge occurred as part of an illegal traffic stop? Maybe a faulty breathalyzer led to an incorrect BAC?

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Ask About Our Experience with a Wide Variety of DUI Cases

One thing that separates our DUI lawyer from others in the state is the number of specific cases we have handled. Certain statutes exist based on individual DUI situations. These include those causing injuries, those received while underage, and those that occur with minors in the vehicle.

Our lawyer, David Pence, has handled a wide variety of DUI cases and knows the court system well. After receiving a DUI charge, the first thing to do is call our law office in Charleston. We have experience dealing with DUI cases including:

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Residents of Charleston, WV, and surrounding areas trust Zerbe & Pence, PLLC when charged with DUI. We serve clients throughout the state, including those from areas like Huntington, Beckley, and Oak Hill. Our team of legal experts find the facts in every DUI case and fight for justice for anyone we represent.

Potential clients can visit us at 205 Capitol Street and receive a free DUI consultation from our qualified lawyer. For more information, give us a call today and take the first step toward winning your DUI case. In West Virginia, drivers can rely on our DUI and DWI defense lawyer.